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How to Sell Your House in Oakville ON

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Selling or even buying a house is not an easy task. It requires your patience, time and expertise if you want to make a good deal. But this doesn’t mean that you should not involve in buying or selling your house because if you’re going to sell your home at your desired price, you have to be deeply involved in every process to avoid any losses. And that’s the reason for today’s blog. We will explain and teach you every aspect of selling your house at reasonable prices in Oakville, Ontario, so let’s start it.

The Oakville Real Estate Market

To sell your house in Oakville ON, you must understand the real estate market of Oakville to avoid selling your home at the wrong time. Oakville’s real estate market is expensive, and owning property in Oakville is a luxury. Yet, when you look at the latest statistics, Oakville is among the few other real estate markets whose prices didn’t drop in the recent pandemic COVID-19. Even there is a 2% increase in the prices of houses in just a couple of days in Oakville, Ontario.

The Following Statistics From ZOLO Will Help You More To Understand The Market.

  • AVG Sold Price = $1.5M
  • Monthly Change = 2% Increase
  • Quarterly Change = 6.3% Increase
  • Yearly Change = 16.5% Increase

It’s a market of great potential and a good choice for property investors because of the high returns on their investment, and that’s why you will find more real estate agents in Oakville than in any other city in Ontario.

So that’s good news for you because you are already trying to sell your house in Oakville ON, and if you follow the proper steps (which we are going to discuss in this blog), you will get a reasonable price for your home.

Essential Factors to Consider Before Selling Your House in Oakville ON

Now we have understood the potentials of the real estate Market of Oakville. It’s time to understand the other crucial factors of selling your house at a reasonable price.

  1. Home Improvements & Necessary Repair
  2. How to Price Your Home
  3. Best Time for Selling Your House
  4. Be Well Prepared to Show the House Any Time
  5. Get Your House Listed With A Realtor

1- Home Improvements & Necessary Repair

Don’t get worried. We will not tell you to do the expensive repairs and improvements that will cost you thousands of dollars. We understand that most people who are selling their houses are not in a situation to afford those kinds of expensive improvements.  

We recommend minor but effective improvements in your house that cost you a few bucks but can improve the overall look of your home and increase the price of your property. 

So consider them as a short time investment because if you do them effectively, they will for sure get you high returns on your investments.

So what those minor improvements are? We have listed down a few common ones, but generally, it depends on the structure of your property, but it will give you an idea with which you can decide which kinds of improvements your house needs to impress a potential buyer.

  • Make Basic repairs
  • Paints the Unattractive Walls
  • Power wash Your Old Windows and Floor
  • Fix Leaking and Other Plumbing Issues
  • Replace The Toilet Seat
  • Purchase the cheap decorative items
  • Plants New Trees
  • Replace the broken and old lights and Switch Boards

2 – How to Price Your Home in Oakville ON

As we have discussed earlier, the houses’ prices in Oakville are a bit expensive, but that doesn’t mean you have to overprice your home because it will not attract potential buyers. Instead, you eventually reduce the price, so it’s better to save your time because time is also money and price your home at a reasonable but good price for both parties, which makes it easier for you to sell your house fast. 

Here are some tips on pricing your house:

  1. First, pay attention to your neighbourhood area.
  2. Get quotes from real estate agents and compare them.
  3. Hire an experienced and trusted Realtor.

3 – Best Time for Selling Your House in Oakville ON

In Oakville, markets generally pick up in February and last until the end of June. So if you can try to sell your house in this period, but if you are in a hurry, discuss with your Realtor because they monitor the Market every day of the year, so they will guide you when is the right time to sell.

4 – Be Well Prepared to Show the House Any Time

When you decide to sell your house, remove personal things personal from your home, like private photos, important documents, and all of your expensive belongings.

5 – Get Your House Listed With A Realtor in Oakville ON

Hiring a Realtor is the most effective way of selling your house because a professional realtor understands real estate more than homeowners. An experienced real estate agent will help you in all sorts of things in selling your home and guide you in every step. So consider hiring a realtor to sell your house in Oakville On, because it will boost the chances of selling your home fast because of the extensive network they have. 

You can consult with them and discuss the offers you are receiving from buyers. In addition, they will help you list your property on different real estate platforms that able to attract more and more buyers. 

Why Junaid Fareed Butt?

You will find all your solutions related to real estate if you hire Junaid Fareed Butt for this purpose. We are working with a professional team of more than six hundred people, putting their efforts to serve you with their experience. We have a vast database full of potential buyers, which will help you sell your house in Oakville, ON.

You will find numerous companies in the market to provide these services, but you will get a free home evaluation with us. We give every detail to sellers and buyers so they can get a better idea about their properties. In addition, there are many online portals to collect information if you don’t have enough information about home evaluation.

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